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The personal web site for Pacific Northwest photographer David Lee Smith and home to nUMBA9 Studios.

Photography and music are my passions. Information system design and web development are my profession. World travel and adventure sports are my hobbies. is where I share and communicate these things. This is my imagination in action.

What's New

Canon 5D – just got one at the end of Feb. So far it’s everything promoted… the dynamic range is best I’ve seen from Canon yet, and the low noise at high ISO is really unbelievable.

What's Up Lately

So much to do … so little time, it does fly when you’re having fun! Winter’s here and the snow boards are out. I’m on the hunt for that elusive “big air” shot from Mt. Baker. Our first day out for the 2008/2009 season, yielded 10,000 vertical feet of riding for the day!

We’re back from safari in Tanzania -- It was truly an amazing trip and exceeded all expectations! This trip yielded almost 10,000 shots! They’re downloaded and I’m in the process of cataloging, sorting, and harvesting the good stuff. I should have some of the first images into an album for viewing soon.

Fiji is our next destination (Oct 2009) !!!
Our friend and fellow traveler Dr. Thierry Wilbrandt suggested a trip to Fiji on board the Tui Tai (National Geographic Adventure – HyperLin25 Best Trips 2009k). Fiji has been high on our list of “must dos” since early-2000 when we passed on a planned trip due to coup in the government. Fijian’s like their coups :-)